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  1. Johnny Panic

From the recording Mother Tongue (EP)

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Johnny Panic

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Music and Lyrics written by Mackenzie Roark

Lead Vocals: Mackenzie Roark
Electric Guitar: Mackenzie Roark
Backing Vocals: Sarah Wilcox
Drums: Jack Burg
Bass: Ben Edwards
Pedal Steel: Charlie Thompson
Mandolin: Mark Bryan
Engineered by Tank Productions
Producer: Mark Bryan and Chucktown Music Group


Johnny Panic was a fine old friend of mine
We go way back, back to the beginning of time
He went with me most everywhere, and honestly I didn’t care
What Johnny Panic did or didn’t do
So he sat and watched me stumbling along as I grew

Years went by and Johnny told me one day
“I’m here for good, so don’t even try to get away”
He dug his claws deep in my side, I tried to run, I couldn’t hide
‘Cause good ole Johnny Panic knew me well
So I let him change the shape of my face and in exchange he gave me hell

Johnny Panic, you straight-shooting son of a gun
I thought you were a better man, I thought you were an innocent one
Johnny Panic, oh Johnny Johnny, why?
I thought you taught me how to live, when really you just left me here to die

Every time I walked away, I always ended up back in his bed
He held me tight and put the lies of love and luxury into my head
‘Till I was just a bag of flesh, a pile of bones, a sorry wretch
Livin’ in ole Johnny Panic’s world
Lord, won’t you have some mercy on this girl?

So I’m goin’ home, I’m shakin’ his shadow from my skin
I don’t know just what I’m gonna do if he shows his face again
I miss his warmth and company, this freedom is so bittersweet
I guess it was the time to make a change
But Johnny Panic always stays the same