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  1. Oh, Mama

From the recording Mother Tongue (EP)

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Oh, Mama

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Music and Lyrics written by Mackenzie Roark

Lead Vocals: Mackenzie Roark
Acoustic Guitar: Mackenzie Roark
Backing Vocals: Sarah Wilcox
Drums: Jack Burg
Bass: Ben Edwards
Pedal Steel: Charlie Thompson
Lead Guitar: Mark Bryan
Engineered by Tank Productions
Producer: Mark Bryan and Chucktown Music Group


Mama’s barefoot in the kitchen
Swayin’ to the radio
My brother left to join the army last year
And daddy’s still out on the road

Me, I’m working down at Roscoe’s
Tendin’ bar most every night
The work aint hard, but it’s takin’ all my time
I’m runnin’ out of songs to write

Wait and see
I’ll shake this dirty town right off of me

Oh, Mama
Did you ever pray for rain?
Oh, Mama
I dont wanna miss another train
Cause if I stay another day here
I will know my Mama’s pain

Gonna make it big in Nashville
Playin’ dirty country songs
But first I gotta save enough and sober up
It’s just takin me so long

The Spanish moss is looking tired
Hanging low from ancient trees
And me I’m driving down these same old country roads
Got the baby on my knee

Oh Mama
Did you ever pray for rain?
Oh Mama
Didn't wanna miss another train
After spending all my days here
I will know my Mama’s pain